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Otros imaginarios del cáncer
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The Political Life of Cancer: Beatriz da Costa’s Dying for the Other and Anti-cancer Survival Kit (PDF)
Art, Engineering, and Politics: In Memoriam, Beatriz da Costa
Preemptive Media
Remembering Beatriz da Costa
In loving memory ,
Significant Others
Audre Lorde
Kitchen Table: Women of Color Press
Gloria Joseph / Feminist Freedom Warriors ,
A Horse is not a Metaphor , , , ,
Barbara Hammer , ,
Cultural Sniping: Photographic Collaborations in the Jo Spence Memorial Library Archive ,
Jo Spence Memorial Archive – Ryerson Image Centre
Susan Sontag, Essayist and So Much Else A new film on Susan Sontag gives an intimate look at her passions.
Susan Sontag’s The Volcano Lover: Collector, Aesthete, Moralist
Sontag. Her Life ,
« In Which We Keep Susan Sontag’s Notebook Forever »
Oncogrrrls, transitando el cáncer como ensayo , , , , ,
Presentación oncogrrrls corto , , , ,